Dr. Keith Brautigam, Professor of Voice

​Private Voice Lesson Sign-Up


​Welcome to the voice lesson sign-up page.  Please note that this page is NOT 

for the "28 Days to an Informed Decision" program.  

To learn more and purchase that program, please go HERE.

For all others NOT participating in the 28 Days program, but desiring to begin private lessons,

this sign-up page is for you.  Please read below.

To begin lessons (either in person, or online lessons), please use any of the means of contact below 

(phone, email, or contact form), and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


You may email me at keith@majoringinvoice.com.

You may phone me at 765-507-0305.

Or you may fill out the following form.

Thank you, and I'll be in touch!   Dr. B